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  • johnathan February 12, 2017 - 8:57pm

    I had Two bad experiences sadly. Why did I not have a great time? In both occasions I did not cum, which means I paid for 30 minutes for nothing.
    The first time it happened, the girl give me a 15 minutes massage and in the end of the 30 minutes she told me not to choose her next time. I felt offended in a way.
    The second time was the last time I was there. The receptionist to me the girl was playful, bit naughty and all. She was not playful or naughty. I did not cum and she told me time was up. She even rushed me to the exit door.

    There are really good girls there though….
    Vera, Gigi, Molly to name a few. Had a wonderful time with them.

    I am not planning to go back any time soon after my second disappointment. I am not the only one because a friend of mine to me the same thing happened to him. He says the girls should put a bit more effort to please a paying customer. 5 or 10 more minutes extra is not much. Other places do it just to keep a customer. I was there almost twice a week and now I do not even want to go there because I do not want to be ripped off.



    • admin February 19, 2017 - 2:35am

      Hi, Johnathan,
      I’m sorry the ladies couldn’t make you cum, but I feel sad that you think you got nothing in your full 30 minutes bookings.
      There was a different version story I heard from the girl which I don’t want to mention it here.
      I believe all the girls here are working hard to provide the best service they can.
      But there is something we do not guarantee – if it’s not easy for you to cum within half an hour, maybe you could book a longer session next time. Every one is different, so every experience is different as well.
      Also we can not give you 5-10 extra minutes on your half hour bookings, it is unfair for our other clients.
      Will you be happy if your boss want you add 10-20 extra minutes on your every working hour for free?




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